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Female harmonica player learns Walters Boogie

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nancy-001I had the priviledge of having Walter Horton as my first harmonica mentor/ as in teacher/ He told me to buy a Bflat and then gave me my one and only lesson plus told me never to play the harmonica but let it play me… he also said I should drink red wine so the spirit of the harmonica could reach me… well… I had several opinions about all of that then, and of course ‘get it’ now….


Am gearing up to make a blues record with Cam MacInnes and Dennis Ferby with Robert Edwards producing. I am endeavoring to learn Walters Boogie and would like it to be almost exactly the way Walter played it.. which means his licks/chops/style… OK now this is the part where I get to eat humble pie. Walter is hailed as one if not the best blues harmonica player in the world.. LOL.. now I know why… he made all his licks sound like they were really simple… and yet each one is intricate and definitely spirit inclined… as when Hot Cottage and he recorded the song on the record we all made with him in the 70’s. Walter’s Boogie was written on the spot… improvised… crazy… good that is… and so to assist the process the other night I had a little Cabernet… did it help… well made it sound better to me… LOL.. anyway will be back at it over the weekend… This new record will be such a blessing…I am very lucky.

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