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SazachaPainting1 Long Live The Blues – artists Nancy NASH and Cam MacINNES produced by Robert Edwards of Victoria and recorded at Oakstone Studios by Dennis Ferbey mastered at Erickson Sound by Rick Erickson… all former Edmonchuckites… the CD is in the completed stages and I will feature it on this Blog as soon as it arrives… will also feature a song from the CD. The finale of Long Live The Blues features a story “How I Met My Harmonica” over Big Walters Boogie which I learned. After that task I realized thetruth of just what a great blues man he is. I say is as I know he was with me during the learning curve and the recording. Google “Worried Worried” me and Walter… so long ago I almost forgotted.


Nancy and WALTER

Nancy @17 & Big Walter – photo courtesy of Hot Cottage

Painting by Jaime Seward – Enderby/BC

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